Your safety

We take your safety seriously

Whether you’re a child or an adult, safety is something that shouldn’t be in question when ride-sharing. CAR uses multiple ways to ensure that riders feel as safe and as comfortable as possible when selecting a driver.

Road safety

Can I trust my ride?

CAR believes trust is at the heart of a great ride-share. You should feel comfortable and confident when selecting a driver, so we require 3 primary safety checks that every driver must complete before being able to book a ride. From a DMV status check to a criminal background check, we strive to instill confidence in all the riders. Your trust and comfort are our main goals, so these checks are run regularly and can be easily seen on every driver profile.

Health Safety

CAR recommends that both drivers and riders follow the currently published guidelines for health and safety as outlined by the CDC at:

Driver safety

CAR’s safety technology has pioneered the way to ensure that drivers and riders are matched up on every ride. CAR’s QR entry code system provides comfort to both riders and drivers that they are in the correct vehicle and booked for the correct ride.

Who are you riding with?

That’s the question that makes ride-sharing a stressful experience. Part of that stress can come from not knowing who it is that is going to be driving you. That’s why we run background checks on every driver to ensure the drivers are free of criminal charges or any other issues that would hurt rider confidence. We also give you, the rider, complete driver profiles to review prior to booking a ride to increase your comfort and knowledge about who you will be riding with. Each driver provides personal health safety practices for your review on their profile page.


Badge program

Easy to see. Easy to trust.

As important as it is for us to require our security and safety checks, it’s just as important for you to easily see the drivers have passed and are current with all these checks. We do that through our Badge Program that displays badges and dates for each safety check.

  • image description 4/13/18

    Basic security badge: CAR has received a copy of the drivers current drivers license, a copy of their current vehicle registration with a picture of the matching license plate and the vehicle's insurance card.

  • image description 4/13/18

    Enhanced security badge: CAR has had a DMV report and a criminal background report performed on the driver to ensure they meet the insurance requirements and state statues for safety as required by law.

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Even more

At CAR we also provide the option of additional safety by allowing riders to create favorite drivers on their profile for future rides.

CAR also encourages friending within our app because what’s better than knowing you have the option to call a friend for a ride.

By creating these connections between the drivers and riders we want to create a safe/comfortable environment where friends can drive friends.