Last Updated: June 8th, 2021

CALL A RIDE, INC, a Florida corporation (“CAR”) is dedicated and committed to protecting the privacy rights of all of its Users and will not sell, trade, auction, divulge, or disclose personally identifiable information gathered online about our visitors, to anyone outside of CAR and/or any entities owned wholly by CAR (“CAR Related Businesses”), if any, unless you expressly permit and authorize such disclosure. Personal information of Users or visitors will only be disclosed if such disclosure is required to comply with relevant laws, legislations, mandates, regulations, rulings, statutes, acts, codes, decrees, precedents, or by any other governmental requirements including a subpoena or any other legal process or to protect the safety of another User or the public. CAR does not sell, trade, or rent the personal information it may obtain to any third party without the User’s express prior consent.

When you visit one CAR’s Website, or Mobile app (collectively “CAR Technology”) information may be collected in the following ways: a) anonymous statistics may be obtained as you browse through the site, and b) personal information you consciously, knowingly, and deliberately provide to CAR.

We want you to be assured that we do not obtain personal information about you from CAR Technology unless you expressly give it to us. This means that you have the ability to visit our websites without ever telling us who you are or inadvertently divulging any personally identifiable information about yourself (such as your e-mail address, name, or phone number). As you browse the site, our web servers obtain information about your visit with us, but nothing about you personally. Through our web server logs, we monitor and audit statistics such as: a) How many people have visited our site; b) What are the particular pages that people visit on our site; c) From which domains do our visitors come from, and, d) Which browsers are the most used when people choose to visit our site. None of this information is in any way correlated or associated with you as an individual. These statistics are used to advance and improve CAR Technology, to monitor its performance during high and low volumes, and to make CAR Technology easier and more accessible for you and other visitors to use.

If you provide CAR with any personally identifiable information for an event or promotion that CAR sponsors with another company, business, firm, or advertiser such as a contest, or if you enroll through a co-sponsored site or feature, please be aware that you may also be giving the personally identifiable information that you divulged to the co-sponsor as well.

CAR at times may share information that is not personally identifiable with non-CAR Related Businesses in order to determine the outcome of a promotion, contest, event, or third party relationship. We do this to give information to any current or prospective customers, or to improve, enhance, add to, and/or better your online experience with us. For instance, we may contribute statistical information that is in no way identified with you such as the amount of people who have visited our CAR Technology, which of our pages were visited, which of our pages were visited the most, how long were visitors on our site, and the referral URL that brought them to us.

Furthermore, CAR has the ability to support certain features, promotions, content, contests, and events that may appear on other companies' websites that you could potentially visit. These companies may also obtain information about you, but please be aware that CAR(S) does not have any authority or control over the obtainment practices of these other companies. If you are visiting a web site which announces that it is "powered by" one of CAR’s sites, please make sure to read the privacy policy of that web site as well so that you can be aware of its policies in reference to any information obtainment and/or its usage.

At times, we make online surveys available to you and they are conducted in a way so that you can choose to partake in them or not. Furthermore, please be aware that we sometimes use e-mail correspondence to communicate with our customers, to respond to any visitors' e-mails, and to send any information that a visitor may have asked for. At times, we may choose to use opt-in e-mail lists given from third parties in order to promote any of our latest specials. If at any time you get an unwanted e-mail from us, you can click the Contact Us link and simply request for us to remove you from our list and we will do so.

We will always respect your privacy as well as the use, protection, and safety of your Personal Information. If you have any questions in relation or connection to any of CAR’s privacy policies or practices, you can always send your question to us at any time by e-mail to

At CAR, our goal is to connect people to the transportation and services that they need and also to bring communities closer together. Within this privacy policy, we detail what information we obtain from both CAR’s Riders and Drivers, and also explain how we use this information to connect potential Riders with Drivers and how we continue to improve, better, and advance our provided services. In the information below, we describe how you have the option to share with other riders and drivers in the CAR community, which is part of our mission to be able to bring people together in helpful ways.

Information We Collect

A. Information That You Provide to Us

Registration Information. When you initiate the registration for a CAR user account, you must provide us with your legal name, payment or banking information (including related payment verification information), driver’s license and other government identification documents (which may indicate document numbers as well as birth date, gender, and photo), valid email address, and valid phone number. This also includes vehicle or insurance information of Drivers and background check related information. If you choose to sign up for CAR using your Facebook account, please be aware that we will also get other basic information that is connected to your Facebook profile such as your name, profile photo, gender, and any Facebook friends that you have.

User Profile Information. When you create your user account and join the CAR community, you have the ability to construct a CAR profile (“Profile”) in order to share fun facts about yourself that you want others to know, and find mutual friends and interests. You retain the option to fill out a Profile or not, although if you decide to, you always have the ability to share as little or as much as you want at any given time. Your name (and for any Drivers, Profile photos as well) will always be part of your created Profile. Please read and carefully review more information below on the ways in which you can have options to customize who sees your Profile. There is also the option to add a Business Profile to your user account, which will necessitate a valid and allocated business email address along with payment method of your choosing.

Payment Method. As part of the registration process you will be asked to add a credit card for purposes of making payment. At the time that you add a credit card or other payment method to your CAR account, a third party that manages the payment processing for us, a CAR Related Business, will receive and collect your card information of choice. To keep your financial data safe and secure, we do not keep or store full credit card information on our servers at any time.

Communications. If you decide to contact us directly, we may obtain additional information about you. For instance, if and when you contact our Customer Support Team through email, we will see your name, email address, phone number, the contents of the message that was sent to us and/or any attachments that you have provided, as well as any other information that you have chosen to supply in said email.

Driver Application Information. If you choose to purchase one of our licensing subscriptions and become part of our CAR driver community, along with the aforementioned basic registration information we will also require you to submit your valid date of birth, physical address, Social Security Number, driver’s license information, vehicle information, car insurance information, and in some jurisdictions or regional areas we may also require additional business licenses or any permitting information needed. You acknowledge and accept that we will share this information that you have provided with our partners who run background checks on all Drivers to help ensure the protection of the CAR community.

Background Check and Identity Verification. We collect background check information and identity verification for Drivers. This may include information such as Driver criminal record (where permitted by law). This information may be collected by an authorized vendor on CAR’s behalf.

Payment Information. In order to make sure that the Drivers get paid quickly and accurately, we must keep information about the Drivers’ bank routing numbers, tax information, and any other payment information given by the Drivers, to which they accept and acknowledge by becoming a user and licensee of services.

User Content. We collect information users submit when they contact CAR customer support, provide ratings or compliments for other users, or otherwise contact CAR.

B. Information We Collect When You Use the CAR Technology

Location Information. CAR’s main goal is about helping to connect potential Drivers and Riders. In order to do this, we need to know where your location is. When you open the CAR Technology on your mobile device, we will be given your location. Please be aware that we may also continue to collect the precise location of your mobile device while the app is running in the foreground or background, so be sure to have adequate battery life. If you designate certain locations, as “home” and “work,” for example, we will obtain that information as well.

Your location information is crucial for such things as matching Riders with the nearest available Drivers, determining the location of drop off and pick up areas, and recommending relevant destinations or places based on the previous trips that you have taken. Also, in the event that an emergency situation arises, our Trust & Safety team can use and share the location information that is gotten from your mobile device to help protect the safety of our Users or even a member of the public. Furthermore, the Drivers’ location information and the distance that they have traveled is essential for calculating the charges incurred as well as the insurance for CAR’s rides. If you give us permission, either through your device settings or the CAR mobile app, we may obtain your location while the app is off to help you identify events, promotions, or any service updates that are available in your area.

Device Information. CAR is given information from the devices that Users use to engage in the CAR Technology, this includes the IP address, type of web browser, and your mobile operating system. We also obtain mobile sensor data from Drivers’ mobile devices in order to improve location accuracy and analyze the different usage patterns for future efficiency. Furthermore, you are responsible for acquiring, receiving, and updating appropriate compatible hardware or devices that are necessary for access, availability, and the use of the CAR Technology or services and any updates thereto. CAR does not warranty or guarantee that the CAR Technology, or any portion or service thereof, will operate on any specific hardware, wireless, electronic, or device. Please remember that the services may be subject to malfunctions, defects, and/or delays which come with the use of the Internet and other electronic communications.

Usage Information. In order to help us understand how you use the CAR Technology which will continue to help us advance and improve it, we automatically are given information about your different interactions with the CAR Technology. For example, the different pages, functions, other content that you view, your specific actions within the CAR Technology, along with the dates and times of your visit (which can help us to determine high and low demand times).

Transaction Information. We collect transaction information related to the use of our Services, including the type of Services requested or provided, order details, delivery information, date and time the service was provided, amount charged, distance traveled, and payment method.

Call and Text Information. Please be aware that we may work with a third party partner to help assist phone calls and text messages that are between Riders and Drivers who have been connected for a ride service.

User Feedback. At CAR, we want to ensure that the Users are always happy with their service and are enjoying great rides. Riders and Drivers have the ability to rate and review each other at the end of every ride. We will then obtain information about the ratings and reviews that you and others give and, as we detail below, also give Drivers and Riders valuable information about the Drivers’ and Riders’ ratings and reviews so that you can be informed and selective in your available options.

Address Book Contacts. If you give your permission for CAR to access the address book that is on your mobile device through the permission system that is used by your mobile platform, we will have the ability to access and store names and the contact information that is available in your address book in order to connect Drivers to Riders, facilitate invitations and other social interactions that you can launch through our CAR Technology, and for other purposes that are detailed within this privacy policy or at the time that you give consent for such collection.

Information from Cookies and Similar Technologies. We obtain and collect information through the use of “cookies”, tracking pixels, and other similar technologies to learn and understand how you navigate through the CAR Technology and interact with CAR’s advertisements, in order to learn the popularity of our content, and also to save your unique preferences. Cookies are small text files that web servers place on your device when in use; they are devised to store basic information and also to help websites and apps identify or recognize your particular browser. We may employ the use of both session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie is a small text file that disappears after you have closed your browser. A persistent cookie will remain even after you have closed your browser and may be accessed and used every time that you use the CAR Technology. You should check your web browser(s) to modify your cookie settings to your specific preferences. Please be aware that if you delete or decide not to accept the cookies from us that we use, you may potentially be missing out on certain events, features, or promotions that are offered on the CAR Technology.

Data From Other Sources. This includes:

  • User feedback, including ratings, reviews, or favorites
  • User data relating to our referral programs
  • Data relating to claims or disputes
  • Data from vendors who provide identity and background checks
  • Insurance and vehicle information

C. Information We Collect from Third Parties

Third Party Services. If you decide to create a CAR account, or otherwise link your CAR account with a third party’s service (such as Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, etc.), we may obtain the same type of information that we already have received from you (as detailed above) straight from those services as well.

Third Party Partners. There is always the possibility that we could obtain further information about you, such as your demographic data, payment information, or any fraud detection information from third party partners that you use on your device through the CAR Technology and integrate what we receive with other information that we already have about you.

Enterprise Programs. There may be times in which your company, university, or any organization that you are associated with participates in one of our enterprise programs. During these events, we could be given information about you from the organization that is participating in the event, such as your email address. There is also the possibility that we could give your organization the ability to connect to a ride on your behalf, in which case they may give us your name, phone number, and/or the pickup and drop off location that you will need for your ride.

Background Information on Drivers. As stated above, CAR works with third party partners to find out the driving records and to do criminal background checks on any potential Drivers. The information that we receive from them is publicly obtainable information about the potential Driver’s criminal history and their driving record.

How We Use the Information We Collect

The information that we have obtained from Users are used to do many things such as connect potential Riders with Drivers. We also use this information for improvements and expansions to the CAR Technology. This gives us better ideas for ways of providing services to our customers. Some of the information that we receive is valuable in analyzing and interpreting how our Users use the CAR Technology, which in turn allows us to see what is popular so that we can make changes that correlates to the CAR community’s needs and wants. Sometimes we will use the information that has been collected from you to communicate directly with you (i.e. using your email address to send you an email or using your phone number to send you a text or push notification), or we may contact you indirectly through one of our partners (i.e. for any promotional events or marketing purposes). We will use the information that you give us to personalize the CAR experience for you, your friends, and contacts while also providing you with any needed customer support. This will allow you to have a more fun and easy experience! The payment information that you give to us will allow us to facilitate payments and transactions while also watching for and preventing any fraud that could potentially happen. We also use your information to respond to any of our Users’ trust and/or safety issues should they be needed. These include any auto accidents, requests from government authorities, or disputes that may arise between Riders and Drivers.

If you are a Driver, there may be further reasons for collecting your information, which are all purposes that are related to driving on the CAR Technology and providing services to Riders. If you have applied to be a Driver, then we will use your information to send you text messages and/or emails in regards to the status of your application. We will also use your information to decide if you are eligible to be a CAR Driver. When you become a Driver, we will use your information to inform you of any pricing or services updates as well as notifying drivers if there are any ride demands (i.e. high volume times or any ride demands). Finally, as a Driver, your information is used for calculating and procuring CAR’s auto insurance policy. We also analyze your usage patterns for our safety and insurance purposes. We also use personal data to help maintain the safety, security, and integrity of our Services including conducting Driver Background checks. We may use the data we collect for testing, research, analysis, product development, and machine learning to improve the User experience.

We collect the following categories of your personal information and may sell it to third parties: identifiers, commercial information, internet or other electronic network activity information, geolocation data, and inferences drawn from these categories.

How We Share the Information We Collect

A. Sharing Between Users

Sharing between Riders and Drivers. The Riders and Drivers that are matched together when a ride is requested have the ability to see basic information about each other (names, photo, ratings, reviews, and any other information they may have added to their Profiles). The Riders and Drivers who have decided to connect their CAR accounts to their Facebook account will also have the ability to see any of their mutual Facebook friends while the ride is taking place. Drivers will, of course, see the pick-up location that the Rider has given. The Riders, in turn, see a Driver’s vehicle information and their real-time location as the Driver approaches the designated pick-up location so that the Rider will be aware when their Driver has arrived. All of the Riders’ ratings of Drivers are shared with Drivers on a weekly basis. This enables the Driver to have some feedback on how they are engaging with the community. We de-identify the ratings and feedback for security purposes, but we cannot guarantee that a driver may not or may be able to identify the particular Rider that gave the rating and/or feedback.

Even though we help Riders and Drivers to communicate with one another in order to arrange a pickup, we do not give out your actual phone number or any other contact information unless you have elected to approve its release with other Users in the community. If in the event you report a lost or found item to CAR, we will attempt to connect you with the probable Rider or Driver who lost said item. This will include the sharing actual contact information in order to try to find the person who’s item was lost, but we will only do so with your and the other person’s permission.

B. Sharing Between CAR(S) and Third Parties

API and Integration Partners. If you choose to connect to the CAR Technology through a third party service or to connect your CAR account to a third party service, there is the possibility that we could share information about your usage of the CAR Technology with said third party or parties. We could also share your information with our third party partners so that we can obtain further information about you. We may also share your information with third party partners so that we can find promotions, events, or offers that may be of interest or useful to you.

Third Party Services. The CAR Technology has the ability to allow you to connect to other websites, products, goods, and/or services that we don’t have control over (for instance, we could give you the option to order food and have it delivered from a restaurant from within the CAR(S) app). If you decide to use these third party services through the CAR Technology, we will have to give the third party certain information about you in order for them to provide the service that you have requested (for instance, if you ordered a food delivered from a restaurant, we would need to provide the restaurant with your name, phone number and address so that they can drop off the food). Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any of the privacy practices that these third parties adhere to, and as such, we advise you to read all of their privacy policies prior to using the services that they offer. You understand and acknowledge that these are different terms of use and privacy policies and that if you decide to use them they may apply to you. CAR does not advocate the use of third parties that may be available to you. Furthermore, Apple Inc., Google, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, or BlackBerry Limited is considered to be a third-party beneficiary to this contract if you use the CAR Services through any Applications developed for Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, or Blackberry mobile devices. These third party beneficiaries are not considered to be parties to this contract and as such they are not liable, responsible, or accountable for any of the provisions or support of our Services in any way. Your usage of CAR Services and/or Technology through these devices is subject to the terms and conditions that have been set forth in the third party beneficiary's terms of service policies. User information may also be shared with third party payment processors.

Enterprise Partners. If you decide to take part in an enterprise program and charge a ride to your company or organization’s chosen billing method or credits, we will give your company or organization’s account holder certain information about your usage of the CAR Technology, including the ride particulars that pertain to what your company or organization is being charged for such as the date, time, charge, region of the trip, pick up, and drop off locations. If you decide to make a Business Profile within the CAR Technology, at the end of each ride that you give or take, you will have the ability to designate if the ride was taken as a business ride or not. If you decide to do this, and your company or organization has a corporate account with CAR, we could share information about your usage of the CAR Technology with your company or organization including, as before, the ride particulars (date, time, charge, pick up, drop off locations, and the region where the trip was taken). If you change companies or organizations at any time, it is your responsibility to update your Business Profile with the new information as soon as possible. Any liability, obligation, or charges that come from you not doing so in a timely manner will also be your responsibility. So please be mindful and remember to check and set your charges designation settings frequently. If you use the option that allows you to integrate your CAR account with an expense platform, we are obligated to share the ride details to the expense account that you have provided.

Other Sharing. There are certain cases in which we may share your information with third parties. There is the possibility that we could share your information during the negotiation of or in connection to a change of our corporate control (merging, the sale of our assets, or any restructuring). In the event that a government authority is requesting your information and disclosure is required by them, we may be obligated to share such information. We will also share your information if it is obligated in order to comply with any laws, legislations, mandates, regulations, rulings, statures, acts, codes, decrees, precedents, or legal processes in the area that you use the CAR Technology. Your information may be shared with any law enforcement officials, government authorities, or third parties if doing so is needed in order to protect the safety, rights, or property of CAR, the CAR community, or the public (if you would like to know more, about this, you can read our Law Enforcement Request Policy here). If it comes to a legal requirement or process (for example, a criminal or civil subpoena, a court order, or any other type of compulsory disclosures that are required by CAR then we will be obligated to share the required information. If, in the event, that you have signed up for a promotion using another account holders referral or promotional code, we may share information with your referrer in order to notify them about your redemption of said promotion or the potential qualification of the promotion. We may also share your information with our insurance partners in order to help them decide the amount of coverage needed or to make sure that they are providing the coverage applicable if there was any incidents of any kind. There is the possibility that we may share information about the usage of the CAR Technology to any potential business partners in an aggregated or de-identified form, but in this case, the information that is shared cannot reasonably be used to identify you per se. Finally, we may share your information in the event that you consent and agree to the sharing of your information.

Your Choices

Email Subscriptions. At any time you have the ability to unsubscribe from any of our commercial or promotional emails, but please keep in mind that we will continue send you any transactional emails and/or any emails that are in connection to your account use that takes place on the CAR Technology.

Text Messages. You also have the ability to opt out of getting any commercial or promotional text messages that may be sent to you by writing a Stop Ad Text request to be removed to CAR at 13800 US HWY 19 N Clearwater, FL 33764. You can also opt out of getting any and all texts from CAR, which includes any transactional messages or other messages in connection to CAR, by requesting to be removed by writing a Stop All Text request to be removed to CAR at 13800 US HWY 19 N Clearwater, FL 33764. Please be aware that by opting out of getting any and all texts, this decision may have an effect on your usage of the CAR Technology, content, promotions, events, services, and/or functions.

Push Notifications. You have the ability to opt out of getting any push notifications through your personal device settings. Please be aware that by opting out of getting any push notifications, this may also have an effect your usage of the CAR Technology, content, promotions, events, services, and/or functions (this includes getting a notification that your ride has arrived).

Profile Information. For the safety of both Riders and Drivers, your name will always be given to Drivers and any fellow CAR Riders. But please keep in mind that you have the option to delete any other information that you may have added to your Profile or account at any time if you decide that you do not want Drivers and other Riders to view it. Please remember that for safety reasons, Riders and potential Riders will always be able to view the Drivers’ names, reviews, rating, profile photos, and vehicle information so that they can make sure they are getting into the car of the Driver that they requested.

Location Information. While you have the option to stop your device from sharing any location information at any time by the settings on your Device’s operating system, understand that the location of the Rider and Driver is the foundation to the usage of the CAR Technology and services, and as such, we are unable to give any of our services to you without you allowing us to have that information.

Facebook Friends. You have the ability to decide if you would like to enable the Facebook mutual friends feature through your profile settings. You may also decide not to, this choice is completely up to you. If you have enabled the Facebook mutual friends feature, you also have the ability to disable it at any time and for any reason.

Editing and Accessing Your Information. You have the ability to review, change, add to, edit, or delete particular account information, which you can do by logging into your account settings and profile. Drivers can also edit further information through their Driver portal. If at any time you decide to terminate your CAR account, you can contact us through our Help Center to make your request. If at any time and for any reason you decide to terminate your account, please be aware that we will deactivate it for you, but we may keep some of the information from your account for a period of time and may also disclose it in a manner that is in accordance with our practices under this Privacy Policy for accounts that are not terminated. There is also the possibility that we may retain information from your account for any of the following reasons:

  • in order to secure any fees that may be owed;
  • until the conclusion of any disputes or claims;
  • in order to troubleshoot any problems or issues;
  • in order to analyze the usage of the CAR Technology so that we can make changes, advancements, or betterments for the Account holders still using the CAR Technology;
  • in order to help with any investigations that are taking place;
  • to stop or prevent any fraudulent activity;
  • to allow us to enforce our Licensing, Terms and Conditions; or
  • to allow us to take any other actions that may be required or permitted by any laws, legislations, mandates, regulations, rulings, statures, acts, codes, decrees, precedents, or by any other governmental requirements of the jurisdiction in the area of which you use or used the CAR Technology and services.


Data Security. We always and at all times are dedicated to preserving and protecting the data of the CAR community. Please be aware that even though we take all reasonable preventative measures in order to protect your data, there are no security measures that are 100% secure, and as such we are unable to guarantee or give assurances to the complete security of your data at any time.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy. There are times that we may make changes or adjustments to this Privacy Policy. If we decide to bring about any material changes, we will notify you of this via the CAR Technology, by email, text messages, or through another type of communication. We therefore advise you to check on and reread this Privacy Policy on occasion so that you will stay concurrent about all of our privacy practices. As long as you continue to use the CAR Technology, content, promotions, events, services, and/or functions, you are acknowledging, accepting, and agreeing to this Privacy Policy and any updates that we may make to it in the future.

Data Retention and Deletion. CAR retains user data for as long as necessary for the purposes described above. This means that CAR will retain different categories of data for different periods of time depending on the type of user to whom the data relates, the type of data, and the purposes for which the data is collected. Users may request deletion of their account any time by contacting CAR.

Contact Information. Please feel free to contact us at any time and for any reason with any questions, concerns, or comments about this Privacy Policy, your personal information, your account or profile information, our usage of your information, any sharing practices, or to discuss your personal consent options by contacting our Help Center.

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