The story of car

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It started with you... waiting

As a driver, you’ve been waiting... waiting to make more money, waiting to be your own boss, waiting to be in control.

That’s how CAR got started. We’ve heard so many stories from drivers, like you, about feeling like an employee of some big company with no control over the large percentage taken out of your fares, with little to no ability to build relationships with riders and no support to grow your business. We saw an opportunity to help you do all of that and more. We started with the idea that it’s your car, your gas and your time – you deserve 100% of your fare. Add to that an easy to use app that connects you to the riders you want and tools to build your business that put you in the driver’s seat.

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As a rider, you’ve been waiting... waiting for options, waiting to feel safer, waiting to be in control.

At CAR we feel strongly that riders are the life blood of any ride sharing service and you need just as many options as the drivers and even more importantly, that you feel safe. CAR completes security checks on all our drivers and offers tons of options for you to get the best fit for your ride needs: what type of vehicle you’d like, pet-friendly drivers, driver gender, even what language you’d like your driver to speak. Creating relationships is critical to building a sense of security. So knowing exactly who is picking you up, whether it’s a friend or a referral, puts you in the driver’s seat.

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